Turn insight into innovation.

Gummies come in all kinds of fruit shapes, colors and flavors, but there’s not much real fruit in them. In fact, they’re mostly made with refined sugar. That makes consumers wonder “how healthy are these really?” So we set out to make a real fruit gummy infused with nutrients, but without any refined sugar. And voila! We invented Fruily.

Create a brand that connects.

Consumers want to feel better about what they put into their bodies, and especially what they give to their kids. They want it pure and natural. So, we created the Fruily brand to simply reflect that desire, from the brand name itself, to its straightforward package design and messaging. Fruily is real fruit, no junk. Oh, and did we mention it’s organic?!

Get it into people’s hands (or bellies).

Winner of back-to-back Buyer’s Choice Awards in the retail channel, Fruily is becoming available in over 15,000 stores. And leveraging our omni-channel expertise, it’s also present on every major nutritional e-commerce marketplace, our own D2C web platform, and of course, Amazon.