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Whether you want to sell all or just a portion of your business, we have the resources to scale your brand to its greatest potential. Ready to grow? We can be partners in 60 days.

Step 1: Quick Assessment (2 weeks)

Within 72 hours, we’ll review your business and determine whether it meets our investment standards. If so, we’ll proceed with an introductory video call to become better acquainted. A letter of intent will follow detailing how we propose acquiring all or a portion of your business.

Step 2: Deep Dive (4 weeks)

Now it’s time to really roll up our sleeves! You’ll receive a request for detailed financial and operating information about your business, which we’ll review thoroughly as part of due diligence. We will also prepare and finalize with you legal documents to make the acquisition official.

Step 3: Closing & Funding (2 weeks)

Once the legal documents are signed, we will wire you the purchase funds. After a quick celebration, we’re back to work leveraging our expertise to grow your brand. You can keep celebrating!

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“The Growve team quickly identified my brand was a good fit, and we were able to get to a closed deal within 60 days. Since then, together we have grown the brand over 300% in less than 12 months and have already started another brand together.”
— Alex

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